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Why We Love The '68 Comeback Special

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elvis-presley-comeback-special.jpgElvis Presley is the King, not just because of the timing of his appearance, but because he embodied what is still rock n’ roll. His voice, movement, style, voice, and melodies all encapsulate the beginning of rock n’ roll and the spirit that it provokes. There are many different images of Elvis that come to mind to different people, but the true Elvis is shown in the 1968 comeback television special.

While all of the Elvis films have something to offer, we believe that the ‘68 special is the best encapsulation of Elvis as the premise of the special was as pure Elvis as you can get. The live portion of the special featured Elvis, D.J. Fontana, Alan Fortas, Charlie Hodge, Lance LeGault, and Scotty Moore sitting on a square stage in the center of a group of people. The small layout and interactions between Elvis, the musicians, and the fans created a personal feel for the special. His music was played song after song with interjections of stories from both Elvis and the rest of the band. Early in the special Elvis tells one of our favorite stories of Florida police showing up, and recording his show to as evidence to his “vulgarity”. Elvis describes how he played the show completely still only dancing with his pinky finger, to the tune “Hound Dog”. If you haven’t seen the ‘68 comeback special, you really must give it a view.

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