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The King Still Reigns

Posted by Austin Adams on

At Elvis Presley Bedding, we provide the ultimate comfort for the ultimate Elvis fans. As Elvis fans ourselves, we understand the immense contribution that he made to our culture and music as we know and enjoy it. His music still impacts the musicians in pop culture today, and his music has been covered by many. So, we thought that we could brighten up your day by providing a list of some of the best Elvis Presley covers that are out there, and maybe you can enjoy The King's music in a new way today!

First up, is a Can't Help Falling in Love cover by a band called Twenty One Pilots, we really think the singer pays his respects to The King well with his clever Ukulele playing and unique voice. 

Next is a classic cover of Jailhouse Rock by the band Queen. Freddie Mercury really shows off his pipes and encapsulates the spirit of the Elvis funk with this uptempo rendition. 

Lastly, we have a Blue Moon cover by Lisa Hannigan in a private radio station session. Her sweet voice goes well with the content and compliments the spirit of the song well.

We hope that these cover songs brighten your day and bring you a new appreciation to the King of Rock and Roll, these covers may not be the real thing, but we hope you enjoy them nonetheless. At Elvis Presley bedding, we are huge fans of the King as well, and if you want a product that speaks to your appreciation of Elvis, check out our products or feel free to contact us.

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