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Style and Comfort Collide

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At Elvis Presley Home Bedding, not only will our product serve you as an Elvis fan, but also as someone who values their sleep. Our bedding products are extremely comfortable and affordable, both things should help you fall asleep easily at night.

Our comforters and shams are made out of one hundred percent polyester, which ensures a long lasting fiber as opposed to cotton which breaks down easier. Our Polyester comforters are also easy to wash and dry very quickly, able to handle lots of turns being washed and dried without wearing out or becoming wrinkly. Our Elvis Presley comforters also retain their shape for a long period of time as well as still looking fresh.

Your guests will not only compliment the style of the bedding and comforters, but they will also get a good night’s sleep if you decorate your guest room with either the Elvis Presley Guitars bedding set or the Dancing Elvis Bedding set.

The Elvis Presley Guitars bedding set will go great with other dark furniture, complimenting mahogany tones and dark bed frames for either your bedroom or guest bedroom. This piece is a tribute to The King’s 1968 comeback show.

The Dancing Elvis Bedding set goes well with lighter colors and white bedframes. The red of this comforter really pops in any room though, and the silhouetted Elvis on the pillows brings out the full scale profile on the comforter.

As you can see, comfort and style blend into one when you purchase a bed set from the Elvis Presley Bedding Collection. Contact us with any questions you have!

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