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Popular Innovations Of The 50’s

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The fifties are widely known for an economic boom and World War II and thusly the US was largely dominated by accomplishments and innovation. From popular culture to science and technology the 50’s are largely considered the glory days within American history. Today we will be discussing the popular innovations of the 1950’s including those involving the inspiration of our Elvis bedding.

Rock N’ Roll was a wave of innovation, and while some claim the movement was started by others, we know that the true King of Rock N’ Roll is Elvis Presley. Because of Elvis’ style, innovation, and composure we have dedicated our business to  Elvis bedding.

Sock Hops are a staple of the 50’s and an innovation that has carried on for decades. The sock hop was an informal dance typically held in the gymnasium of a school. To preserve the gym floor teens removed their shoes and danced and hopped in their socks to the sounds of Elvis Presley and other innovative musicians.

Color TV made its debut in the 1950’s with the rising popularity of television. While not everyone owned a color TV, the revolution had started. Because of the golden age of television, innovations in the movie industry were a must, for motion pictures to survive.

3D Movies actually started in the 1920’s but didn’t gain mainstream acceptance until the 1950’s. While Elvis didn’t star in any 3D movies, he has made his mark in movie history.

Drive-Ins were the only logical step in media evolution during the 1950’s as the rise of car culture and movie viewing grew. We wish we had been able to grab our Elvis comforter to cuddle up in the bullet bird during a screening of Jailhouse Rock.

If you are a fan of the 50’s and the impact it had on our culture, you will love our  Elvis Presley bedding set, complete with an Elvis comforter and pillow shams. Shop online today for the best in Elvis bedding.

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