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Good Sleep Habits

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As you may know, our bed sets at Elvis Presley Home Bedding are both stylish and comfortable, they are perfect for helping you get that ideal night's sleep. But, how do you know if you are getting the proper sleep? Here are some tips that might help you achieve that. 

First, take a measurement over the course of a week or so to see how much sleep you are getting now. The standard that they tell you is about 8 hours of sleep but not everyone needs that much and some people even need more to function. Also, try to factor in the time that it takes to fall asleep, not just the time that you decide to go to bed. 

Then, try and figure out if you are getting enough for your schedule. If you are at work everyday having a hard time staying awake at 2pm, or if you get tired driving a car after only a half hour or so, you might want to try pushing your bedtime back another fifteen minutes instead of pouring yourself another cup of coffee that was brewed hours ago. A small amount of time like 15 minutes a night can really help your energy level and add almost 2 hours of sleep to your week. Increase each night by 15 minutes until you find the right amount for you.

Our Elvis Presley Bedding sets can really assist you in your search for a good night's sleep. The polyester pillow cases and comforters ensure a soft, moisture-wicking substance for the summer, and provide a consistent temperature in the winter.

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