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Elvis Presley’s Graceland

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Graceland was the infamous home and compound of Elvis Presley and is often referred to when talking about Elvis. While Elvis did spend most of his time on the road or one of his multiple homes in LA, Graceland was the home base for the superstar.

At the age of 22 Elvis bought the estate in 1957 with his parents Vernon and Gladys finding the property and placing the $1,000 down payment on the home. Elvis fell in love with the Memphis, Tennessee property. Elvis fell in love with the home and purchased the 13.8-acre lot and 10,266 sqft home for $102,500. When he bought the home, Elvis was still working on the film “Loving You” and “Jailhouse Rock”, not moving into the home until months after the rest of his family.

As would be expected Elvis transformed the home into a musician's paradise. Shortly after moving in musical gates were installed at the entrance of Graceland. Elvis would invite guests over for gospel and rock n’ roll jam sessions in the formal rooms of the home, which displays Elvis’ love of style and fun.

Today, the Graceland home has grown to 17,552 sqft, and greets over 600,000 visitors each year. The infamous property has been the subject of more recent pop culture works, including Paul Simon’s album Graceland, the film “3000 miles to Graceland”, and an appearance in the Mockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap”.

While the Graceland home is a tribute to the life of Elvis Presley, we have also created Elvis bedding to commemorate and capture the essence and style of The King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. 

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