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5 Facts About Elvis

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Elvis is largely regarded as The King of rock n’ roll, but did you know that he was a karate fanatic? While his life was cut short, he still lead an amazingly interesting life, full of twists and turns. A pioneer of his stature is guaranteed to have some interesting tales, we only wish that he were here today to release new facts on the life of Elvis. Today we will be discussing some of the interesting, less known facts about the one and only Elvis Presley.

  1. Elvis was not always accepted for his voice. As a child Elvis came in 5th place in his school talent show, was denied an appearance on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, was turned down in his attempt to join a vocal quartet, and his first concerts were regarded as “a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party”.
  2. Elvis worked many other jobs besides being The King. He worked on an assembly line, truck driving, movie theatre usher, and ultimately an army sergeant by the time he was discharged.
  3. Because of Elvis’s provocative nature and split opinions, Elvis drew quite the crowd. In fact the National Guard had been called in as security for some of Elvis’s early concerts.
  4. While we all knew Elvis Presley was a star, not many know that his 1973 TV special Aloha From Hawaii garnished more viewers than the moon landing.
  5. Elvis loved being active from football, racquetball, karate, and boxing, The King was just that - A King.

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