Elvis Presley Home Bedding Collection

Official Licensed Products

Elvis Presley® Home Bedding is delighted to be an official licensed vendor through Authentic Brands Group, who owns the Elvis Presley Brand. We are proud to have all of our designs approved through Authentic Brands Group as official licensed products. With the help of our experienced team of professionals, we suitably place the Elvis Presley hologram on every product we manufacture for our esteemed clients all across the globe. As an official licensed company, Elvis Presley Home Bedding pays royalties on every sale. We value our products as much as we value our customers. We want you to know we don’t want to simply just create the "perception" of quality and credibility. We want to be the company with the quality and credibility you are looking for.

While there is no “license police”, our commitment to Elvis® fans begins with loyalty. One of the strengths of our free-market society and culture is competition. Above all, because of competition we have choices in both quality and price in the products we buy, the services we use, and the places we shop. We know you have choices, and we want to be your first.